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Our Contact Details

Address for written correspondence:
Mike Barrio
Barrio Fly Lines
5 Morningside Drive
AB51 4FD
Scotland (UK)

Email Address: mike@barrioflylines.com

Customer Satisfaction

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. We want you to be pleased with our products and with our service, we want you to tell your friends about us and we want you to come back to shop with us again in the future.

In the unlikely event that you should have any concerns or complaints, no matter how small, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact details at the top of this page.

Privacy Policy

We only use your personal information for what you would logically expect an online shop to use it for - to take your payment, to communicate your order status, to ship your order and to produce an invoice for our business accounting and tax records.

We will not ask you to join or register on our website for any marketing purposes.

We will not contact you with newsletters, offers, or any details of new products or services.

We will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to any third parties.

When you click on the 'I agree with Terms and conditions' box at the shop checkout point, you are confirming that you are happy with our Privacy Policy and that you consent to the collection and use of your personal information by Barrio Fly Lines to process your order.

Mike Barrio is your Data Protection Officer for Barrio Fly Lines. Please don't hesitate to contact Mike via the contact details at the top of this page if you have any concerns regarding your personal information.

Cookies Policy

Why do we need a cookies policy? - Most websites that you visit use small files called cookies. All websites that use cookies must display a policy to help you to understand what a cookie is, to explain what we use them for and to make sure that you agree to them being used. This is the law in the UK and similar laws are in place in other countries.

Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit websites. Website pages do not have a memory, without cookies a user going from page to page will be treated by the website as a completely new visitor.

We only use cookies in the 'Shop' section of our website, this is to help to keep track of your shopping bag contents when you move to a new page and to remember where you are in the order process. You can disable cookies stored on your computer in your browser settings, but this may stop our website shopping cart from functioning properly.

We currently operate an 'implied consent policy', which means we assume that by using our website shop you are happy to agree with our use of cookies. If you are not happy with this usage, please do not visit our website 'Shop' section as this requires cookies to function.

Shipping Policy

We take great pride in our friendly and reliable mail order service with pricing that includes worldwide shipping.

We will deliver your fly lines as soon as possible, usually despatching next day.

UK Customers: We ship our UK parcels via Royal Mail 24 (First Class) and these usually arrive 1 or 2 working days after we post them.

International Customers: We ship our international parcels via Royal Mail Airmail (orders over £40 with tracking) and these usually arrive 5 to 10 working days after we post them, although some may take longer.

International Import Duties/Taxes: All international customers, including EU customers, please note that you may have to pay additional import duties, taxes, processing charges, on receipt of your parcel in your country.

If a parcel is returned to us because an international recipient has not paid the additional import duties/taxes, we will refund your order less a 25% handling charge to cover our postage and packaging costs and any processing charges that may have been incurred.

Laws and Contracts

We would all like the internet to be a safe place to buy and sell products and there are many laws in place to protect both buyers and sellers. We are based in the UK and therefore the UK law is the applicable law.

We do our very best to ensure that we comply with all laws and regulations related to the sale of products via our website. Should you feel that we have ommitted anything or made a mistake, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact details at the top of this page and we will do our best to correct this as soon as possible.

Once you have made your payment, our website system will send you an email notification confirming that you have placed your order and will send us your order details. We will check your order to make sure that everything is in hand and then go ahead and produce an invoice ( which is the point of contract between us ) we will then package up your parcel ready to be posted. In the unlikely event that we should encounter any problem with the supply of your order, we will not produce an invoice and we will contact you via email to explain what the problem has been.


We do our very best to ensure that all our policies will be easy to understand, fair and acceptable to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about any concerns that you might have, your feedback would be very much appreciated.

When you click on the 'I agree with Terms and conditions' box at the shop checkout point, you are confirming that you are happy with our policies.

This page was last updated on 19/01/2022

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