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Barrio Switch Fly Lines

This fly line is not available - Please see our product archive page for more details.

The Barrio Switch floating fly line is a full floating line designed for two handed Spey and overhead use on Switch rods.

Many Switch lines on the market are sold as lines for both one and two handed casting, thus being a little light for two handed use and too heavy on a long rod to be comfortably managed single handed.

The Barrio Switch features a compound rear taper similar to our SLX single handed line, this helps to produce sharp controllable loops from dead line roll casts and allows more line to be carried into the D loop when we have space and the need arises. The head length to the colour change is approximately 30ft on the Switch and up to 6ft can be overhung for long range casts where required.

Barrio Switch Lines are designed to work well with poly leaders or 10 to 15ft heavy butted tapered salmon leaders. With the right leader set up, these lines will delicately present a micro tube on a long leader in low summer conditions, yet will also carry "heavier gear" for fishing bigger waters, high flows on spate rivers, or bouncing flies at depth for Pacific species.

The 7/8 and 8/9 lines will carry fast sinking 10ft salmon poly leaders, lengths of "T" tip material and moderately sized copper or brass tubes straight from the box, however if your fishing dictates that fast tips and big flies are usually the order of the day, then the line can be cut back by up to 18 inches from the tip.

Our 4/5 and 5/6 lines will carry any density of trout poly leader up to 10ft in length. The 6/7 will carry 6ft to 8ft salmon poly leaders in any density and short "T" tips, plus long tapered leaders for fishing small flies to spooky fish in thin calm water.

Our lines do not have factory welded loops, we use salmon sized RM braided loops. These are available to order and are very easy to fit.

Country of manufacture: Made in the UK.

Barrio Switch fly lines
Ben Dixon casting a Barrio Switch fly line

Please note that our fly line profile diagrams do not include any information regarding compound tapers ( multiple tapers within a taper ) that we may have included within the profile and that the dimensions may vary for each individual line weight.

Barrio Switch Fly Line Profile

Switch Line Weights

Target head weights:

Switch 4/5 - 300 grains ( approx 19.5 grams )
Switch 5/6 - 340 grains ( approx 22 grams )
Switch 6/7 - 380 grains ( approx 24.5 grams )
Switch 7/8 - 425 grains ( approx 27.5 grams )
Switch 8/9 - 470 grains ( approx 30.5 grams )

Customer Reviews

Name: Lawrence
Country: England
Subject: Switch Lines

With the 8/9 Switch line on my Orvis Clearwater #8 rated switch rod, not only can I outcast my 15ft double-hander for distance and accuracy, but I can night fish for Sewin/Seatrout with surface lures, low water small wet fly for grilse and bung out a 2 inch brass tube-fly for Wye Springers!

Best switch line on the market in my opinion and I tell everyone about it too.

Name: Nicholas Le Rougetel
Country: UK
Subject: Switch Lines

Just a quick thank you for the Switch 7-8wt line, ordered just after Christmas, delivered and tested before the New Year.

Tested on Hardy Zenith 12ft-6in, 7wt with 12ft poly leader, line out down to the backing. What a great line and 1st class service.

Name: Brian Wilkinson
Country: Northumberland, England
Subject: Switch Lines

Ordered Friday, delivered Saturday and trialled on Monday. The service Mike gives is second to none.

Selected the7/8 after a chat with advice from Mike. Once on the river I just had to find the loading area to suit my rod and casting style (or lack of ). The line just flew out which says a lot for the line, and as for performance to price - excellent.

My rod, an Orvis Helios Switch #7 with a Barrio Switch 7/8 is, in my opinion a perfect match.

Name: Andrew Paterson
Country: Scotland
Subject: Switch Lines

Fantastic fly lines and customer service. I don't know how he gets them delivered so fast! Great fly lines, casts like a dream - I also have the Smallstream #4.

Answered my queries promptly over social media and email and was very helpful and honest. Excellent!

Name: Brian Kupris
Country: UK
Subject: Switch Lines

Next day delivery. Attractive supple line. I am so looking forward to giving this a go on my other switch rod next week.

Name: Juergen Friesenhahn
Country: Germany
Subject: General

Ordering lines from Mike is always fast and very personal. Great service!

And the lines - at the moment I use GT125, Mallard, Smallstream, Switch & SLX - are ideally designed for it's purpose. With the Barrio range of lines you can cover all situations in fly fishing & casting.

The pricing is also good, especially for beginners & intermediate who doesn't want to spend a fortune on lines. Or for guys like me, who are "line addicts" :-)

But the pricing doesn't compromise quality. Affordable lines in top notch quality.

I recommend Barrio fly lines highly!

Thanks Mike.


Name: Rich Knoles
Country: Detroit, USA
Subject: Switch Lines

I've been fishing the 6/7 Switch line for a little over a week now. It's been no problem slinging a 7ips 10 foot tip around. I've had it on a number of Switch rods and shorter Double Hand rods. If you own an Echo, St Croix, Guideline, Winston, Beulah or Sage 6 weight it will work well.

What I've noticed is how nice a loop is formed even by a hack like me.

Great job with the line guys!

Name: Brian Lawrence
Country: UK
Subject: Switch Lines

I am now the proud owner of a 5/6 and 8/9. These lines are brilliantly designed and fly out of the rod.

I have used them on switch rods for rainbows, salmon and pike. Superb lines!

Name: Urban Kumpula
Country: Sweden
Subject: Switch Lines

I love the Barrio Switch 8/9. Tried it on my 12'6" DH. Tight loops wasn't impossible anymore.

It flew so far that the backing came out from the reel. A top notch line.

Great work!

Name: Graham
Country: England
Subject: Switch Lines

Fantastic customer service as usual, quickest postal service from one end of the country to the other next day!

Spooled it up and went out across the grass to get a feel for the line. I bought a 7/8# to go with a Helios 11ft 8# as a few of the lines I have tried the head was just a little too long, this is just right, about 3 times the length of rod. I was only able to try simple over head casts on grass laying the head out and sweeping the rod back and with no false casting letting fly. After only a couple of tries getting a feel for the line I was casting into the backing!!

This is an excellent line ... I can't wait to get out in the water and use it for water born casts. Watch out bass here I come ...

A great line from value to performance, another very satisfied customer. Thank you Mike for producing a great product!

Name: Magnus Hansen
Country: Norway
Subject: Switch Lines

Fantastisk line.

Name: Gene Larson
Country: United States
Subject: Switch Lines

I'm getting tuned up for this year's fishing. I have an 8 wt 11' switch rod I was having a hard time warming up to. In fact, I had been considering selling it. Today I put the 420 grain version of the Barrio Switch Line on it and the rod came to life. I was single Speying 70 to 80 feet with hardly any trouble.

I'm delighted with this rod/line combo. I have been very pleased with all the Barrio lines I've purchased, especially considering the price.

Name: Arto Kallio
Country: Finland
Subject: Switch Lines

Barrio 6/7 Switch line and Greys GR50 11'1 6/7 switch rod ......... a really nice combination.

Thanks for the really good line.

Name: Carl Strand
Country: Sweden
Subject: Switch Lines

I had difficulties finding a line for my Redington Dually Switch #7 11'3. After advice from Mike I paired the rod with a 425 grains Barrio Switch 7/8. Wow! Finally this rod came to life with a line that is not too light nor too heavy, just a perfect match. Too bad my lawn is too small.

Thank you Mike for a super line and great service.

Name: John Masson
Country: Scotland
Subject: Switch Lines

Not much more to say, just that this line is like a bullet, be it overhead or spey casting.

Name: David Stevenson
Country: UK
Subject: Switch Lines

Thank you for your advice regarding a suitable Switch line for my Guideline LPXe 7/8 rod, the Switch 7/8 line was spot on. Delivered next working day and at a very good price compared to other lines on the market. I was fishing with it two days later, the line makes light work of spey casting, a super smooth line and the running line is nice in the hand to fish with.

A top quality product.

Name: Andrew Pieterse
Country: UK
Subject: Switch Lines

6/7 Switch line matched perfectly with my 11' Greys 6/7 GR50 Switch rod and accounted for my first ever salmon this week, a fresh 10 lbs fish using a slow sinking 5ft poly leader.

Great experience with a Switch rod !

Name: Ian Hotchin
Country: Wales
Subject: Switch Lines

Ordered at 11 am Friday - Arrived 9 am Saturday. Wow !

Thanks Mike. Can't wait to try it.

Name: Barry Nicholls
Country: UK
Subject: Switch Lines

Hi Mike, just wanted to give you some feedback on your brilliant switch lines. Purely as a result of trying my own line on my Shakey Oracle, three of my friends have gone straight on to your website and bought them.

Keep up the good work - we all love your lines.

Name: John Watkins
Country: UK
Subject: Switch Lines

Took my new 8/9 Switch line to the river this morning. Matched it up to my Loomis 'Roaring River' 11 ft 8 weight switch rod and have to tell you, it was a real pleasure to use. It flies through the rings, gives great distance and lands gently on the water, it's a real credit to you and your design team!

Since I started using your lines several years ago my casting has improved dramatically, I now have around 5 or 6 Barrio lines for various applications, they really do work!

Thank you very much once again for another brilliant product.

Name: Hamish Webb
Country: United Kingdom
Subject: Switch Lines

Mike suggested I try a 6/7 Switch line on my Shakespeare 11' 7/8 ... The line flies off the rod.

He then suggested an 8/9 for a Sportfish 13' own brand rod and again it worked a treat.

Well done Barrio Fly Lines.

Name: Richard Hill
Country: UK
Subject: Switch Lines

After taking advice from Mike, I purchased his Switch 8/9-F to go with my Greys 11ft GR60 switch rod bought specially for a weeks fishing on the Alness.

I can only echo all the other good comments made about his products. The line makes roll casting in tight spaces easy and when I had room to back cast the fly usually went further than I intended.

Highly recommended.

Name: Verner Finlay
Country: UK
Subject: Switch Lines

I just received my 6/7 Barrio Switch line 24 grams this morning from Mike for my Guideline lxi 6/7 T- PAC switch rod rated 17g- 19g. I had been using a Loop SDS Scandi #6, 20 grams on it, it was okay, but just didn't feel right. I contacted Mike and explained this to him and he recommended the 6/7 Switch line 24 grams. I've just had a go with it this afternoon and it is amazing!!!

The line is so easy to spey cast and overheard casting is a dream! My little Guideline lxi has came to life with this line and I could not recommend them highly enough.

Thanks Mike for you help and the line! Delighted!!!!

Name: Johan Falkmarken
Country: Sweden
Subject: Switch Lines

My Barrio Switch line positively surprised me from the start and I used it throughout this spring. It significantly contributed to my fad for light two-handed rod fishing. This line is my fourth main line on my rod and this time I got it right. A quality full length line was the right answer, it wasn't all about weight.

Now it's summer and later today we are headed for a week in the north. The Tentipi is packed and so is my switch rod. My friends are biased for single handed rods and they will use every moment to criticise me for my pick, but I often catch the biggest fish of the day. Double handed fishing is a lot of fun.

Guideline LXi Switch 11´6" #7/8 rod and a Barro Switch 4/5 line.

Name: Steve Goodchild
Country: UK
Subject: Switch Lines

Tested out my new Switch line today on the Tyne, I was very pleased with the results - I have the older Demon 12’ 7weight rod - even with a longer than recommended fast sink tip the line went out great.

Can't wait to try this on the Coquet just as a floater. Hurry up Mike, can’t wait to try my next line on order.

Excellent service from a top guy.