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Barrio DT Mallard Fly Lines

Barrio DT Mallard Fly Lines

Barrio DT Mallard double taper fly lines, one of the key original 'Barrio Lines' that we designed back in 2002.

Our DT Mallard fly lines have gained a strong following over the years and these classic lines are just as popular now as they were back then.

Great for roll casting, smooth overhead loops, and simply sweet for delicate presentation casts.

Superb lines for traditional trout fishing tactics, anglers of all levels of casting ability should find the DT Mallard an enjoyable line to cast.

Barrio Mallard Double Taper Fly Line Profile

Line profile: individually customised, with each line size refined for presentation in that weight.

Front taper & tip: 8 - 10ft

Belly: 70 - 74ft

Rear taper & tip: 8 - 10ft

Loops: braided loops or custom welded loops can be ordered in the accessories section.

Country of manufacture: Made in the UK.

Colour: Pale Cream.

Price: £36.00

Price: includes worldwide shipping.

Price: does not include International import duties/taxes - please read SHIPPING.

Mike River Don and DT Mallard Fly Lines

DT Mallard Fly Line Weights

We do our best to target the internationally recognised AFFTA line weight standards to help you to match a fly line to your rod.

Mallard DT2F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 80 grains / 5.2 grams.

Mallard DT3F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 100 grains / 6.5 grams.

Mallard DT4F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 120 grains / 7.8 grams.

Mallard DT5F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 140 grains / 9.1 grams.

Mallard DT6F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 160 grains / 10.4 grams.

Mallard DT7F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 185 grains / 12.0 grams.

Mike River Don and DT Mallard Fly Lines

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Customer Reviews DT Mallard

Name: John Ross
Country: Scotland
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

My most frequently used line this past season, and many seasons before, is a Mallard DT5F on a Hardy LRH Lightweight and a 10ft Bruce and Walker Century #4-6

I thought the line was about three or four years old, but on checking the email receipt today discovered that I bought it in July 2013. That makes it eight years old. It has no cracks or flaws, has only been turned once and still overhead and roll casts beautifully.

This combination has accounted for hundreds of trout. Best line value ever!

Name: Philip Foster
Country: USA
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

Been fly fishing and tying for 55 years now in the western U.S. and have always preferred double taper lines and medium/fast to slow action rods. All of my favorite American made lines went extinct decades ago and all the newer ones, with one exception, have been a disappointment. After finding Barrio on the web and realizing the cost to my door was less than half of any other line it seemed foolish not to try one. I tried two and I am once again in my ‘golden age’ of fly fishing.

Nothing like them on any continent, at any price. Buy some and see for yourself. From single dry fly to three fly weighted nymph casts they deliver and fish amazingly.

Name: Guido Tesi
Country: Italy
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

I recently bought the Mallard DT3F and I have to say that is a great fly line; it loads very well the rod without overloading it and supports long casts with ease and gracefully also without using a double haul.

A very neat and useful product, especially for using the Italian casting style technique. Very good is the price / performance ratio. Every fisherman should have a fly line like this.

Thank you very much indeed Mike!

Name: David Korty
Country: USA
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

I recently ordered the Mallard DT4 and took it to the Eastern Sierras for some winter time Baetis fishing. It's a fantastic fly line. It loads cleanly, carries long casts with ease and lays down flawlessly.

I will also say that when roll casting it performed beautifully. Most of all at 34 U.S dollars I can hardly believe the value considering the fact that the major american Fly Line brands are charging at least twice that amount!

I have the feeling I will be ordering many more of these lines in the future!

Name: Christian H
Country: Germany
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

Looking for a reasonably priced DT line I stumbled upon the Barrio Mallard DT. Being used on a Sage VXP #5 blank the DT5 is at the lower end of the "what feels right" scale, still offering excellent performance and casting with ease.

I will definitely try other Barrio lines from now on - thanks for the great work!

Name: Tony Cheffings
Country: England
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

I found a spare spool in need of a line. For a moment, I found myself contemplating purchasing another brand of line to fill its emptiness. I even started to browse the extensive selection available on another of my favourite online retailers. Fortunately, then I came to my senses and ordered a Mallard DT3F.

I've lost count of the number of Mallards I now own, WF and DT. The DT3 just ordered is specifically for a small, overgrown Dorset chalkstream where space is limited. 7ft 3wt rods are the order of the day, with roll casting de rigeur. The Mallard DT3 roll casts superbly.

Value for money is superb - highly recommended, even by the wild brown trout of Dorset!

Name: Philip Bailey
Country: United Kingdom
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

I use the Barrio Mallard exclusively for my fishing and casting practice. The suppleness, taper and overall profile is perfect for the high speed casting necessary for the Italian Style of casting.

The Mallard DT 3 line outcasts most other brands. Highly recommended for general fly fishing or for the Italian style.

Philip Bailey

Fly Fishing Masters UK Head Instructor

Name: Jeffrey
Country: Netherlands
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

Best freakin line I've ever used! Received the carefully packaged DT3F line today along with a little hand written thank you for purchasing note. Two thumbs up for that.

I strung up the line on a featherweight / Hardy midge fiberglass combo and started fishing in the canal which runs through my backyard. From the moment I made the first cast, the line put a smile on my face which lasted until I stopped fishing because the sun had set. I couldn't stop fishing, it's simply that good.

The presentation, the subtlety, the tight loops, trademarks I never encountered in other lines before. I knew the rod had more soul than she showed me before with other brand lines, but this blew my mind, never would have imagined that a line could make such a difference. Sure enough my next lines will all be Barrio lines!

Thanks again and keep up the good work, it looks like you've got a new lifetime customer...

Name: Gwyn Davies
Country: Wales
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

Mallard DT6 - bought this line in Feb 2015 and have found it performs exactly as it should, it has excellent turnover, no memory and casts like a dream.

I only fish medium sized still waters, using nymphs or dries, so presentation is also very important and I am very very happy with it's overall performance so far, having fished in all conditions from strong winds to flat calms, all from the bank. I would highly recommend this line to anyone who prefers this style of fishing.

Name: Pieter Snyders
Country: South Africa
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

I have paired the Barrio Mallard 3 weight Double Taper with a 10ft rod. You always expect a 10ft rod to feel top heavy and it did with all the previous fly lines I used. This fly line transformed the rod completely and I use it now confidently for both nymph fishing and dry fly fishing. The presentation is absolutely perfect!

Name: Luca Francesco Lucarini
Country: Italia
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

Ho comprato da Mike Barrio la linea Mallard DT4 , provata nel torrente , devo dire che e una linea furtiva per trote sospettose, si comporta bene con belle pose, ottima anche nel lungo linea,ottima da consigliare.

Name: Malcolm Wood
Country: UK
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

Had the DT5 for two seasons. A sublimely lovely line, virtually no memory, casts with ease.

I just have one reservation about the colour and wish perhaps the front 20ft or so was a sage or olive colour, then it would be just about perfect.

Name: James
Country: USA
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

I bought a Mallard 3wt DT last winter and did not get to use it till this past week. I was so pleased with how well it cast and how smooth it functioned. I was also using 2 other new lines I bought, including some 444 Peach line that I bought this winter.

I will be buying my lines from Barrio from now on. The performance is very high and the value is over the top. I can't wait to try out some of your other lines in the future.

Thanks, James.

Name: David Lynch
Country: UK
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

Just taken delivery of a DT Mallard fly line for my Taupo 10ft split cane rod 60 minutes ago ... It is now loaded on my reel and I'm casting on my lawn ... It's insane ... I can't believe how the line has transformed mine and the rods performance.

I'm Sea Trout fishing in Ireland next week, I was excited, but now I'm seriously pumped. Thanks Mike! I'm going to use my old lines to tie up tomatoes and order new ones from you in future.

Name: Thomas Züllich
Country: Norway
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

At our lodge in Norway (Skålestrømmen - www.skalestrommen.no) we use the Mallard DT lines in 3, 4 and 5 weights on our guide rods, which are also available to our clients. We use Stickman rods (P3 and P5) and I can not praise enough how well these lines work for advanced as well as for beginning flyanglers.

I personally do not believe in over-lining and am very happy that Mike (Barrio) is sticking to the AFTMA/AFFTA line weight standards, so it is easy to match line and rod.

They are easy to cast, float very well and consequently catch many fish, and that's what it is all about, isn´t it?

I highly recommend the Mallard DT lines for trout fishing.

Tight lines - Thomas Züllich - Skålestrømmen Fly Fishing

Name: Gary Kane
Country: Ireland
Subject: DT Mallard Fly Lines

I bought the Mallard DT4 to use on my river, it is such a smooth line to cast and as I spend most of my time roll casting, after chatting, I bought this line. All the hype was right, roll cast beautifully and I was even able to overhead cast ... and wow.

Well done Mike and the team, I'm now looking forward to receiving a Mallard DT7 for the lough.