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Barrio GT125 Fly Lines

The Barrio GT125 fly line has been replaced by our new GT90 ll fly line - See Barrio GT90 ll

The Barrio GT125 fly line offers superb presentation, line control and stability in the air. The finely balanced 73 ft head helps us to achieve sweet presentation at pretty much any distance and simply excels with long, smooth casting strokes.

Our relatively short belly and front taper produces a line that will load a rod well at short range for off the tip casts, yet our extended rear taper allows huge lengths of line to be aerialised under control for long distance casts.

An excellent all rounder, equally enjoyable to fish on rivers, lochs and stillwaters, the GT125 will appeal to all anglers that enjoy casting a longbelly style fly line.

Barrio GT125 weight forward floating fly lines are available in orange from WF5F to WF8F.

For a more subtle olive coloured version of our GT125 line in a standard 90 ft length and lighter line weights, see our Barrio GT90.

Country of manufacture: Made in the UK.

Barrio GT125 fly lines
A bonnie Scottish Brown Trout caught and released on a Barrio GT125 fly line

GT125 Fly Line Weights

We do our best to target the internationally recognised line weight standards to help you to match a fly line to your rod.

GT125 WF5F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 140 grains / 9.1 grams.

GT125 WF6F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 160 grains / 10.4 grams.

GT125 WF7F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 185 grains / 12.0 grams.

GT125 WF8F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 210 grains / 13.6 grams.

Barrio GT125 Fly Line Profile

Customer Reviews

Name: Dan Shillabeer
Country: UK
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

I have both 5wt and 7wt GT125 lines, which I use for competition casting with the BFCC. Many casters in competition use this line, the main reason being the ability to carry large amounts of line on the back cast. The taper design of the GT125 is effectively a constant rear taper after the head; consequently the line never collapses, the carry being limited only by line speed. Your casting distance will be limited by your rod's capabilities before this line runs out of power. The 125ft design is extremely useful, avoiding the tangles of backing line which can happen when a lot of line is coiled before a cast.

So it's a great casting line at the extreme.

But as others have indicated, it is also a great and versatile fishing line, which can do what other fly lines do at shorter 'fishing' distances. You don't need to carry vast amounts of line to shoot decent distances, but it can if you need to. Very loosely, it's a WF/DT hybrid, with the best features of both.

A Ferrari for popping to the shops in, really.

Name: Steven Kidd
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

I got my WF5F GT125 through the post on Friday, as usual great delivery time and a nice wee note from Mike which gives the service a nice personal touch, Cheers Mike.

I rigged up my line on my Sage TCR and went for a test drive on the River Don. I already have the GT140 and the SLX and so was excited to see what I could do with the 125. I fished czech nymph style for a while and found the line loaded at short range ... perfect. I fished dries for a while upstream and could land and turnover size 14 dries delicately ... perfect. I fished wets down and across and could cast real long distance and upstream mend the line easily without moving the tippet ... perfect.

I could snake roll, single spey and snap T the line just as easy as my SLX. Is there anything this line can't do? ... it is just as I said before, PERFECT.

Thanks Mike!

Name: Kai Silvennoinen
Country: Sweden
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

Hi Mike! Just wanted to write you a short note to tell you how much I love the GT125. The GT140 and the GT90 were my favourite lines until I tried the GT125.

I really didn't think you could make a better fishing line than the 140, but you did. It's so complete. It really does everything perfectly. Overheads, rolls, speys , mends , short casts , long casts you name it . Best line ever. Loved it so much that I just ordered the cream one as well in 5-weight and also a 6-weight.

I am recommending your lines to all my fishing mates, more orders from Sweden will be coming.

Best regards, Kai Silvennoinen

Name: Mark Green
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

After spending many hours online reviewing top end market fly lines and speaking with experienced anglers I came across the Barrio lines website and decided to buy the GT125 and to say this line has out performed any expectations I had is a big understatement.

They say that you only get what you pay for in this world but at the price paid this line is incredible value and does exactly what its says on the tin! I ordered at 1pm and the delivery was made the very next morning having traveled more than 100 miles and postage was free!

I wanted a line that would allow me to fish along margins at distance, keeping my flies in the swim for longer and when fishing in competitions -I find that with many lines spooking fish they tend to move farther out and this line has allowed me to reach further than most fishing at long range without affecting presentation and definitely is an advantage.

Having praised the cost I do however fear that this line will end up costing me a fortune, as I now can't wait to get out more often to throw this line out and watch it fly! When asked how I was getting on with the new line the best thing I could think of was to say that "this line casts itself"

Well done Barrio fly lines..... Great product, Great service and Great price!

Name: Edward Scholten
Country: Norway
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

I bought the GT125 for my Sage SLT #5 and started using it from the end of May. I am very pleased with it. It is easy to make short or long casts. Very useful under varying conditions.

I hope the cream version will be available again in the near future. Would like to buy one for my #6 rod! Great service from Mike is also very appreciated!

Best regards from us at Koppang Camping,

Name: Raymond Crane
Country: N. Ireland
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

Received my GT125 line two days after I ordered it, very fast service and the hand written note was a nice personal touch, other sellers take note. I tried the line out that night, very impressed! Used it in a flat calm, the line was perfect, beautiful casting line, taper suited me perfectly, long casts no problem, short casts excellent. After a few casts the line was as straight as a die! I found the line great for dries and emergers, a nice supple line with a fantastic taper.

I would highly recommend this line, very well designed and the price was fantastic. I own lines three times more expensive than the Barrio GT125 and they fall short when compared to this line.

Name: Jim Flynn
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

I've used three of these lines and every one of them cast consistently, I will certainly continue to purchace these lines in the future.

I've found I can change direction quickly to cover a rising fish without having to double haul to make the cast and land without any disturbance.

Name: Jonathan
Country: USA
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

I ordered the GT125 5wt from Mike. The shipping was very fast and communication with Mike was great. Thank you!

With my TFO Signature (med/fast action), I have a tremendous amount of control and can really reach out there with my cast. I can reach distances I never thought were possible for me. With that to say, I really have to be creative when casting a short distance (closer than 30'). However, with my wife's rod, a Redington Classic Trout (med action), I have great control and accuracy from closer than 30' out to 50' or so. I have to work a bit (double hauling) to get the CT rod to go the distance but that is not a problem.

I highly recommend this line and will probably be buying this for my wife's rod on smaller streams.

Thanks Mike!

Name: Don Stazicker
Country: Great Britain
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

Line arrived today, went out on the field as soon as I had fitted it to a reel .... In a word, WOW!

I have a GT140 and to be honest I'm not good enough for it, but the GT125 went a measured 120 feet on my third cast with an ancient IMX 9 foot 6 weight. I am so impressed with the turnover of the last twenty feet of line on long casts where many other lines tend to collapse unless the cast is spot on. To have this tremendous long distance casting line which still loads my rod with 15 feet of line out and casts well into a wind for £27 delivered to my house is a great achievement.

I guess this line was developed in conjunction with your connections in the BFCC community and it shows in the great distance performance, keeping the line fishable as well is the clever bit! Thanks for the rapid delivery of a superb line that has re-defined the perfect weight forward fly line as far as I am concerned.

Name: Bob Paterson
Country: England
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

I received the line the day after I ordered it. I've only tried it once, but it casts very well and sits high on the water. I took as much line as I could cast off the reel, stretched it quickly between my hands, cast it out and it was straight as a die.

So, I'm very impressed with the customer service and with the line.

I fish at Rutland and meet a lot of other anglers. I'll have no hesitation in recommending Barrio Fly Lines to them.

Name: Erik Arthur
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

I have been fishing for over 30 years and in that time I have used countless lines, the GT125 is in my opinion a revelation, the best by a mile.

Name: James Cutts
Country: UK
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

Lovely line - does exactly what I'd hoped.

Many thanks for a great product and service.

Name: Andy Sturrock
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

Best boat line I've ever used and I've been fly fishing 40 years.

Name: Rhys West
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

After trying out many different fly lines I was still unhappy, that is until a friend of mine put me onto Barrio fly lines.

This line feels an absolute dream to cast and for the price is unbelievable - 10/10.

Name: Marco Capozzella
Country: United Kingdom
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

Just used the GT125 for the first time and I'm more than happy with my purchase, the price and the information from Mike over the phone.

The line loads with minimum effort, I am using the #6 and feel its great for long and short casts, I've struggled to find a line that covers both these.

Very impressed and probably the quickest delivery that I have ever had from a tackle supplier.

Name: Paul Devonald
Country: UK
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

Ordered my line late on Friday afternoon and it arrived early Saturday morning. Spooled it on and had a quick cast in the field, this GT125 line is probably one of, if not the best, lines I have ever cast using my Scott S3 and early Lamson Litespeed, maybe it just suits this set up well. I’ll try it on my Sage outfit later, but have no doubts it will be a big improvement over the lines I've been using.

The customer service was second to none and I’m sure I’ll be placing more orders before next season ..... Many thanks.

Name: John Gibson
Country: UK
Subject: GT125 Fly Lines

Tried my recently purchased GT125 fly line this morning, absolutely over the moon with the performance. Getting better distance and the line casts really well and lays straight, I find the line very supple with no memory whatsoever.

My fishing buddy, Chris Waterhouse, has also got the same line and echoes my comments. We will both be using your lines in the future, keep up the great work and many thanks.