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Barrio Pocket Fly Boxes

Barrio Fly Boxes are crafted for us in Europe, simply superb quality and very tactile!

With their nicely rounded edges these fly boxes are great for the pockets of your favourite fishing vest or jacket.

A great property of natural wood is that no two boxes are the same, every one is unique!

The slotted foam inserts hold flies well, push the bend of the hook into the slot and your barbless flies will be very safe in these practical boxes.

Barrio Micro Pocket Fly Box
Barrio Mini Pocket Fly Box

Our Micro Pocket Fly Box measures approx 85x55x20 mm, holds up to 20 flies and weighs about 42 grams. ( sliding lid )

Our Mini Pocket Fly Box measures approx 90x50x30 mm, holds up to 40 flies and weighs about 50 grams. ( hinged lid )

Barrio Pocket Fly Box
Barrio Pocket Tube Fly Box

Our Pocket Fly Box measures approx 105x75x30 mm, holds up to 70 flies and weighs about 75 grams. ( hinged lid )

Our Pocket Tube Fly Box measures approx 135x75x25 mm, holds a good selection of tube flies and weighs about 85 grams. The two internal tube fly slots are 124 mm long by 29 mm wide and about 18 mm deep. ( sliding lid )

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