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Custom Welded Loops Service

Barrio fly lines do not come with factory welded loops. We usually use Roman Moser Minicon Braided Loops for our fishing, these are available to order with your line and are very easy to fit. For improved presentation in lower line weights, we prefer to fish with a simple knot connection like the Constriction Knot, or Nail Knot. You can see how to tie the Constriction Knot on our 'Knots' page.

I really don't like welded loops, as I find them unreliable.

But, I often receive requests for welded loops and have decided to offer a Custom Welded Loop Service on a trial basis.

This service is only available for our ISS Spey, Switch and Predator lines.

You can now place an order for a 'custom welded loop' to be added to these lines ..... and I will do this for you before I post your parcel.

Price is per single welded loop.

I hope you find this new service useful.

Custom welded loops for your fly line
A Roman Moser Minicon Braided Loop

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Customer Reviews

Name: Robert van Dijk
Country: The Netherlands
Subject: Custom Welded Loops

The custom welded loop service is a great idea.

During the years of my fishing experience I never had any problem with a welded loop.

Nowadays fly lines are provided with loops on both sides and this is very convenient for exchanging lines. A quick change can be done by a large backing loop. The reel or the line (coiled up) can simply pass trough it.