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Barrio Smallstream Fly Lines

Barrio Smallstream Fly Lines

We are very excited to introduce our next generation Smallstream fly line, a line designed to incorporate all the best features of our original Smallstream in the lower weights and our Mallard in the upper weights.

The Smallstream has a finely balanced, compact head, simply ideal for traditional trout fishing tactics.

A line that is equally at home with today's stillwater fishing styles and techniques.

Sweet presentation and accuracy, with smooth, tight casting loops - easy, predictable and controlled.

Smooth, slick, durable coatings. Supple 'cold water' lines with very low memory.

Designed for small streams, rivers and lochs, and suitable for anglers of all levels of casting ability.

Barrio Smallstream Fly Line Profile

Line profile: individually customised, with each line size refined for presentation in that weight.

Head lengths: 30 - 33ft

Front taper & tip: 8 - 10ft

Belly: 18 - 20ft

Rear taper: 4 - 6ft

Loop: A braided loop for the tip is included in the box.

Country of manufacture: Made in the USA.

Colour: Light Tan.

Price: £48.00

Price: includes worldwide shipping.

Price: does not include International import duties/taxes - please read SHIPPING.

Barrio Smallstream Fly Lines

Smallstream Fly Line Weights

We do our best to target the internationally recognised AFFTA line weight standards to help you to match a fly line to your rod.

WF3F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 100 grains / 6.5 grams.

WF4F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 120 grains / 7.8 grams.

WF5F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 140 grains / 9.1 grams.

WF6F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 160 grains / 10.4 grams.

WF7F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 185 grains / 12.0 grams.

WF8F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 210 grains / 13.6 grams.

Barrio Smallstream Fly Lines

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Customer Reviews Smallstream

Name: Will Pomroy
Country: UK
Subject: Barrio Smallstream Fly Lines

Hi Mike

I bought a Smallstream line last week and have been out a few times with it now - I've found it fantastic both on the river performing Spey casts and on stillwaters when I need to cast further.

I find it much less effort to cast than the very expensive lines I have from SA and Rio. The price is the icing on the cake.

Thanks and best wishes.

Name: Robert Duncker
Country: USA
Subject: Barrio Smallstream Fly Lines

Hi Mike

Had to let you know that the new Smallstream line that I received recently is hands down the best fly line I have ever used.

Congratulations on such a great design. Love my 4 so much I just ordered the 5. Matches my Orvis Seven/Four and my Kabutos perfectly.

Keep up the great work.

Name: Mel Segal
Country: Canada
Subject: Barrio Smallstream Fly Lines

Hi Mike

I received the 4 weight Smallstream line the other day, and want to thank you for selling this series. I tried the line on a variety of rods, and it cast well on all of them.

Compared to the previous iteration which I also own, it seemed to be less “weight forward”, more stable, more delicate in presentation, smoother, and perhaps more of an “all stream” line. A joy to cast .....


Name: Paul Wiseman
Country: UK
Subject: Barrio Smallstream Fly Lines

Hi Mike

Got out on the Don ( Sheffield ) with my new Smallstream line today.

The quality of your line ( and also your service ) made it so much more enjoyable.

10 Ladies to the net, 1 OSB and a dozen missed, definitely operator error!

Keep doing what you are doing fella.

Customer Reviews Smallstream (pre-2022)

Name: Jim Butler
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

The Smallstream WF4F that I ordered arrived in good time and I had my first opportunity to cast with it yesterday.

I have to say that the line is absolutely fantastic and a real pleasure to use. It runs and shoots like a dream and I can really feel it loading the rod. I took it to a casting lesson with a well respected guide in my area and he was also extremely impressed with the line.

Many thanks indeed, keep doing what you are doing.


Name: Christian Kruselburger
Country: Austria
Subject: Barrio Fly Lines

I use the GT90 and the Smallstream and am convinced this is the best line I've ever had in use.

Keep it up Mike, I'm waiting for the next one.

Name: David Harvey
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Mike recommended the Smallstream for my new 4wt rod as a nymphing general line. I took it to the Welsh Wye in pursuit of grayling last weekend and it was simply superb. I was able to spey cast, single and double, with ease. It floated high, shot beautifully and handled impeccably.

I couldn't be happier with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

Name: Nelson Ulshafer
Country: United States
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I love my Barrio lines. This one seems to make me a better caster and performs just as well as our premium lines in the US.

Name: Philip M.
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new Smallstream #4. Am using it with a snowbee prestige 7ft #4, fishing a narrow, overgrown bit of chalkstream. I've been seriously impressed with it's performance - it's simply brilliant.

Memory is virtually non-existent. It roll casts like a dream and shoots beautifully through the rod rings. False casting is kept to a minimum because the rod loads so easily with only a couple of feet of line out. It also lifts off well and lands lightly, which was a slight surprise given the taper. It does everything I need for the waters I fish. I like my GT90, but this is a step up again.

Many thanks indeed,


Name: Pascal DUBOIS
Country: France
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I have had the smallstream 4 on my rod for a year. I have fished with this fabulous line all the 2016 season. It very easy to cast on small and medium rivers and last week I fished with it on the Dordogne river, a large one.

For my casting style, the scandi style, these lines are perfect. Not a scratch on it after a year (50 outings). I'm very happy with this useage and I'll buy a 5 line for my second rod.

I've given it to three friends of mine to try, they have all found it a great line and I think they have bought one too. This autumn, I'll try the GT125 on stillwater on the Drennec Lake in Brittany, a fabulous and wide lake.

Thanks a lot for your work for us fly fishermen.

Name: Stuart Cullen
Country: England
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I have just spent two days fishing a Scottish moorland burn. I was using my favourite stream rod, a Temple Fork Finesse 7'9" 4wt which has a softer 'traditional' action. The rod loaded with ease at all distances and despite the short head fishes delicately because of its slim profile. Roll and Spey casts were achieved with ease.

When necessary, I could wind the rod up to put out long casts without line-collapse. All casts were super-accurate and the line had lots of 'feel' both in the hand and in the air. The colour is perfect and I was amazed at the total zero memory which I have never found in any other line.

Overall, it confirmed the maxim that the right line can make all the difference to a rod. I am delighted with my first Barrio line.

Name: Damon Valentine
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

With over twenty years fly-fishing experience, this is by far the best trout fly-line I've ever used. Casting is effortless because the rod is loaded with very little line which is ideal for my local stream. I'm also very impressed with the delicate presentation provided, something which has been pivotal in catching my personal best Brown Trout in 18" of clear water. Had I been using my previous 'expensive line', it would've probably swam off!

I'm a Barrio customer for life from now on that's for sure!

Keep up the good work!

Name: Peter Buckey
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I'm already a huge fan of the Mallard DT and SLX so hoped the all-new Smallstream #3 would suit my new rod nicely. On first impressions this line has the zero memory, supple and slick qualities that all of Mike's lines have become renowned for.

After I've strung the line through my rod rings and started to put line out, my first thought was "wow - this feels good!". Loops were pin-point accurate and straight, with any line wobble straightening itself out as the line travelled and loops seemed to become tighter. That was the other thing that was immediately obvious - this line was performing some amazingly tight loops - always under control - and I realised this line is just the tool for casting to easily spooked fish. I was casting in a very strong wind and getting the fly to tuck-in under a low branch just above the water was no problem at all. Getting the head beyond the rod tip is a gradual, predictable feeling and Mike is absolutely correct that this line doesn't need to be a twin colour like the SLX.

Instantly the Smallstream felt a perfect match for my rod and the type of fishing this line has been made for. I could feel the rod load at all ranges, but get the head at the tip-ring when you need to cover more distance and whoosh! It's off!. Turnover at all ranges was simply superb, laser-accurate and beautifully controlled. Roll-casting and spey casts were so easy with this line I couldn't believe it! The line shoots out of the rings like it hates my rod! In my opinion this would be a great line to use on rods for beginners when teaching, as it feels a little more stable and predictable when you can carry more line beyond the head than the SLX.

I know the word 'presentation' is widely overused when we discuss fly lines, but it is certainly one that immediately springs to mind when I think of key words to explain this line. The other word I would use is 'control'. Mike really has made a belter of a line here that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone. The Smallstream does feel lighter than the SLX and whilst not loading the rod quite as deeply for spey casts, seems to be the better for it when presenting dry flies and nymphs with over-head casts (having said this I would like to emphasise again just how good the Smallstream is at spey casts!).

In case you haven't guessed - I very much enjoy casting this line and it places itself neatly in the already superb range of Barrio lines and is one that I'm sure will bring many happy days to all who enjoy fishing the 'Small Streams'.

A huge congratulations and many thanks to Mike and all who helped in the development of this superb fly line!

Name: Steve Wyatt
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I used the #4 line, with a 7 foot 'middle/tip' action rod (slightly softer than some) and a tapered leader (about 8' overall). I trimmed about 5 meters from the reel end to get 10 meters of extra backing, I have been caught out before.

It cast easily from both kneeling and standing positions using a flick, with just the line tip in the water. However, what really was a surprise was how well it cast 'overhead'. It easily cast 80' and I could have gone further but for the trees behind. It also allowed me to 'shoot' line, but the 'turnover' was compromised. Still, this is not tagged as a 'distance' line.

It casts easily and predictably, despite its relatively short head (about 24') in fact, this is probably the very thing that makes it ideal for small water use.

Additionally, it was suggested that, it could be used for teaching. The ease with which it casts with only a short amount of line out, could make it ideal for beginners. Especially, for the very young, or those using short rods. Another plus point is the affordable price and with postage included.

All in all, an excellent product and one I will recommend.

Name: Josh W
Country: USA
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Loads really well in close, yet still allows for a nice presentation.

Excellent line for small spring creeks.

Name: Hector Pinto
Country: Chile
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I tested yesterday my 3wt Smallstream fly line, I can only define it in one word "Superb". The rollcasts were precise and I could achieve a great distance with very little effort.

Thanks a lot for developing this line. This brand is my new favourite fly line.

Name: Mike Tanton
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I purchased a Smallstream line to fish on a Sage 4wt SLT to give me a bit more control in windy conditions over my SLT 3wt.

If you are considering trying a Barrio line - rest assured they are amongst the best - you will not be disappointed.

The Barrio brand is my number 1 choice for fly lines now and I am gradually replacing all my existing lines with them.

Name: Felipe Cavieres
Country: Chile
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Una delicia, utilizada con caña kola salmon sf 2 9 pies, lanzamientos cortos muy precisos. Presentaciones excelentes, cero memoria....el precio muy amigable.

Name: Michael Stoeck
Country: Germany
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Ordered the Smallstream especially for my little creek. Lots of bushes and branches make it challenging to get the fly presented accurately. The Smallstream is perfect for that kind of fishing and a true joy to rollcast and to do other waterborne anchor casts. Fine presentation and a stunning taper made it to my new fav line!

Great work Mike, thumbs up!

Name: Ronald Molag
Country: Netherlands
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Using the Barrio Smallstream WF4F line on a Loop Xact #4 rod. So easy to cast precise, so easy to cast over 20 meters, so much fun. Rod loads after 2 meters of line out, straight line on the water. The Moser braided loop is fitting well.

Don't know who to blame, Barrio or Loop, thank you both.

Name: Pascal DUBOIS
Country: Brittany, France
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

It’s done! My WF4 Smallstream is dead, after 7 years of very good job, and not for one or two fly sessions a year! It’s more nearly fifty trips a year!

So I’ll buy another one as soon as you have them in stock.

Fabulous line and very good precision at hard distance, great in the wind conditions (here in Brittany it’s often the case).

Congratulations Mike for your fabulous job.

Tight lines

Name: Euan Innes
Country: Scotland
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

In 2018 I had Sandy Nelson make me an Epic 370 glass rod and following several recommendations I put a #3 Smallstream on it. I have used Barrio lines for a very long time (I had one of the first Mallard DT lines) so I had no doubts on the quality, but was curious about the profile. I needn't have worried!

With this line I can single or double Spey down a run with a weighted nymph covering the water gently, or change to a dry fly and fire it accurately under that tree on the far bank. Being a #3, wind and extreme distance will always be an issue, but not as much as several other #3 that I have tried. I have used it on rivers, from a float tube with traditional loch style patterns and small still waters.

This line does everything that I ask of it (as does the rod) and the two go together very well indeed, even to the point that I haven't used any of my other outfits for a while...

For the money it is easily one of the best lines around.


Name: Peter Lindblom
Country: Sweden
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I'm too much of a beginner to describe it's different characteristics in a proper way. It's just very easy to cast ( I even hit where I'm aiming ) and makes me look good. Did 1½ days with the Smallstream #4 on my Guideline 8'4" #4 EXP4 last weekend.

I'm off again this weekend, trying out Smallstream #3 on my EXP4 7'6" #3 on an even smaller river.

Name: Josh Tatman
Country: United States
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Ordered Smallstream WF4F for my medium action Hardy Shadow. This rig will be used on small freestone and spring creeks where most casts are under 20 feet.

Lawn cast it and it handles superbly, loading up nicely even at the very shortest distances. I can also cast 40+ feet easily even with an average Wyoming breeze.

I tried it on my faster rods, the Orvis Recon and the Douglas Sky, and it does fairly well on those rods, but it is just sweet on the Shadow.

Name: Grant Richardson
Country: South Africa
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I spoke with Mike about his choice of fly line for small stream tight quarters work for here in South Africa when chasing some of our smaller yellowfish species using dry fly or small nymphs. He recommended his Smallstream fly line. And WOW!!!

I did a lawn test using a Sage ESN 10' 3wt and Bloke XLSG 7'6" 3wt glass rods for accuracy and distance for 30 and 50 feet. I hit the target every time and 50 feet was no problem at all. I was easily able to belt out a 65 feet cast in 2 false casts with both rods.

This is a serious line for quick punches and getting a fly into a spot with minimal effort if space is a problem. I tip my hat to you Mike for an amazing product!

Name: David Smith
Country: U.A.E
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Bought the Smallstream WF3F to match a Sage Dart 7'6" 3# blank. Used it on an Usk beat last May, with a lot of overhanging trees and restricted back casts. I found the line to be very manoeuvrable. Coupled with a Barrio furled leader, I was able to accurately and softly cover fish to a maximum range of 10 metres.

I didn't push the line, but have no reason to believe that it would not cast further, if required, as it loaded quite easily. The rod was self built, with different guides and spacings from the factory version and with the Smallstream line I would have described the overall action as medium and less fast than the rod reviews would have me believe.

In conclusion, I'd say that the overall performance was very pleasing and fulfilled all of the requirements of the scenario for which the line was bought.

Name: Javier Arevalo
Country: Spain
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Amazing! Perfect!

After the lockdown, I have finally been able to try my Smallstream #5 and it has impressed me. If you are looking for a soft presentation of your dry fly and easy casting, this is your line.

Many thanks and keep doing this fantastic job!

Name: Stewart Yates
Country: Scotland
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

The Barrio Smallstream lines are quite simply superb.

Mike has extensive experience in fishing these types of venue and this line is nothing short of perfect.

Name: David Parker
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

A fast and friendly service and I am very pleased with my Smallstream line.

Name: Francisco Herreros
Country: Chile
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Smallstream WF3F and Sage XP 3wt 8'6". Excellent line, extraordinary balance in short and long shots. I'm definitely in awe of the performance.

Congratulations. Absolutely recommended.

Name: Andy Birkett
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

This is a great small stream line. Matched with a Guideline LPX 8' #3 it is so precise and delivers the fly like a feather. I've also used it with the iconic Sage LL 8'9" #3 - the best small stream rod ever made - under tree canopies and where you need to get a fly in a 6" window it delivers - the front taper is perfect.

Thanks Barrio for making such a brilliant line!

Customer Reviews Mallard WF

Name: Iain A.
Country: Scotland
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

The vast majority of my fly fishing is on rivers for Brown Trout with both dry fly & nymph. The Barrio Mallard in WF3, 4 & 5 has been my fly line of choice for a number of seasons now and has never let me down.

It floats well, has a nice front profile, lies straight, has a slick surface and a price that would no doubt be double if marketed from another stable.

An excellent line for both beginner & veteran.

Name: Steven Brown
Country: UK
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

Being a small stream angler, be they in the valleys, glens or mountains, I was always on the search for a fly line that rose to my needs. After going through a lot of lines & a hole in my wallet, I was never happy with the lines I fished, more in putting up with their stiffness & bumpy travel up through the rings on cold mountain streams & endless Memory, that is now long in the past.

I have been using mike's lines for 2 seasons now & would not replace them for any other make. They do what mike says they do, with no big fancy sales hype that we are all seeing now with lines twice the price & more.

They cast very well, I'm using the mallard every time I'm out, this would add up to a lot of days stream side. Pull from the reel & hang with almost no memory, shoot nicely & float highly, I make short casts that need to be right first time, the mallard gives me this, every time.

I can spend more time enjoying fishing & not worrying about stiff lines & the problems they intail, just lift the rod & shoot the line where it's needed. I have fished these lines long & hard, with plenty of life still in the lines and no cracks showing.

I would recommend these lines to anyone to try and as a new season is soon opening, these are still my go to lines.

Name: Peter Rawlinson
Country: Scotland
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

Had a few of these lines over the years now, very pleased with them all. I am not an expert caster but these lines have made it a lot easier for me with both distance and presentation.

Good lines at a good price, thanks.

Name: Gary Watson
Country: Scotland
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

Superb line - as good as it gets!

Name: Chad Goymer
Country: UK
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

I bought my first Barrio line and tried it today, paired with my brand new Helios 3D 5wt. The line has no memory whatsoever, is very supple and lies straight as can be on the water. I have been using a Scientific Anglers GPX which is a half line size heavy and very front loaded, so it took me a little while to adjust to the way the Mallard line handles.

You can certainly get long casts with this line and it lands very gently on the water if you want to fish small dries. It’s not a distance line however and you need to get some line out of your rod tip so that the belly can give you good distance. This is not a bad thing, as distance lines can hit the water with a bit of a splash - something that you do not have to worry about with the mallard.

It’s a great all round line ..... it has power when needed, but can give gentle presentation when you want it too. I treated the line with the Barrio Line Care product and it floated really high, so no sink tip issues when fishing the dry ..... I'm very happy with the line and will get a GT125 for my 7wt next.

Name: Scott Bailey
Country: Australia
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

I've been using Mallard fly lines for a couple of years now. These lines consistently impress with their movement and delivery. The performance is excellent, offering smooth actioning of the rod, movement through the guides, distinct lack of memory and delivery of controlled power.

These lines deliver assurance that each cast will be what you want, where you want (be that at very short distances or reaching out to those rises). Whatever your casting style, Mallard lines put the control back into your hands and deliver the fly with seamless transition and delicate presentation.

Do yourself a favour and switch out to these lines.

Name: Tony Simmonds
Country: England
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

Recently emailed Mike and asked for a floating line recommendation to suit my Sage 9.5 foot 7wt RPL+ for stillwater fishing. He gave me two suggestions and I decided on the Mallard WF 7wt.

After the first few casts, pretty poor, but that was just me getting the feel of the line with the rod. Wow, as I got my act together the line just flew ... super slick line, floats well, lands well, but with a few coils, me again, I should have given it a gentle stretch first.

Service from Mike Barrio second to none, no rip off postage costs, great response to emails and a real pleasure to deal with. I should add that this is my second line from Barrio and it will not be my last.

Name: David Baird
Country: UK
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

Great lines - tried many lines in previous years, I wont go anywhere else now, quality is outstanding.

I use the Mallard for mostly loch / stillwaters, shoots great, no coils and floats to the tip.

Name: Stewart Yates
Country: Scotland
Subject: General

Mike offers a superb, personalised service, great products and unrivalled value for money. As a full-time guide I can highly recommend not only his lines, but every single product he offers, from the Roman Moser Minicon Loops to his extensive range of lines, boxes, reels and more!

Buy with confidence. If it meets Mike's high standards, you know it's going to be excellent!

Name: Jurjen Fellinger
Country: Netherlands
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

Got a WF5F Mallard on my #4/5 Ron Thomson 9ft rod and it is a awesome combination. The rod has a medium/fast action and is a perfect match with the Mallard.

I have had this now for a few years and it brought me to try the other Barrio fly lines.

Name: Nigel Savage
Country: UK
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

I have bought a number of Barrio lines, and just having returned from a very successful fishing holiday in Scotland,I cannot give enough praise for my Barrio weight forward floating #5 fly line.

It was superb, it was supple, cast very well, floated well and helped catch dozens of fish. A wonderful product.