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Barrio GT90 Fly Lines

Barrio GT90 Fly Lines

We are delighted to introduce our next generation GT90 fly line, a line designed to incorporate all the best features of our original GT90 and GT125.

The GT90 has a long head with a relatively short belly and front taper, to create a ‘front weighted’ line which loads a rod well at short range.

The extended rear taper offers superb casting stability, allowing skilled casters to aerialise long lengths of line, which is also ideal for mending line at range.

A finely balanced head, designed for turnover and accuracy at pretty much any distance, and a line which simply excels with long, smooth casting strokes and double hauling for absolute distance.

Smooth, slick, durable coatings. Supple 'cold water' lines with very low memory.

Designed for rivers and lochs, and suitable for anglers of all levels of casting ability.

Barrio GT90 Fly Line Profile

Line profile: individually customised, with each line size refined for presentation in that weight.

Head lengths: 45 - 50ft

Front taper & tip: 7 - 9ft

Belly: 14 - 16ft

Rear taper: 24 - 26ft

Loop: A braided loop for the tip is included in the box.

Country of manufacture: Made in the USA.

Colour: Pale olive

Price: £48.00

Price: includes worldwide shipping.

Price: does not include International import duties/taxes - please read SHIPPING.

Barrio GT90 Fly Lines

GT90 Fly Line Weights

We do our best to target the internationally recognised AFFTA line weight standards to help you to match a fly line to your rod.

WF3F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 100 grains / 6.5 grams.

WF4F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 120 grains / 7.8 grams.

WF5F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 140 grains / 9.1 grams.

WF6F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 160 grains / 10.4 grams.

WF7F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 185 grains / 12.0 grams.

WF8F fly line - target weight at 30 feet - 210 grains / 13.6 grams.

Barrio GT90 Fly Lines

The new generation Barrio GT90 fly line was recently reviewed in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine - You can read the review here.

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Customer Reviews GT90 (new generation 2022)

Name: Fred Carrie
Country: UK
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

One of the weaknesses I consistently found with UK manufactured fly lines was the variable quality and slickness of the line coating. This to my mind is the single more important aspect of any fly line and makes the difference between a poor and a great fishing experience. Nothing is worse than a sticky line that grinds through the guides and shoots poorly. In a previous life I supplied a range of UK made lines and this applied to my lines as much as it did to any others.

Barrio lines were always good value for money, but the USA made Mk2 is a big step up with coating slickness comparable to top range Scientific Anglers and Rio lines that are double the price.

This is no fawning appraisal of the Barrio Mk2 lines, they would not be my current choice if they were not more than up to the job and lovely to cast.

Name: Gordon Mackay
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

This line is second to none, it is just Brilliant, can’t fault it at all.

Name: Adrian Brickley
Country: Wales
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

I purchased a GT90 #8, this is my first venture into high end fly lines. After much research Barrio fly lines came out on top in most if not all categories, on my first session I could see why. The new GT90 casts beautifully and you can certainly hit some distance, it lays straight and picks up great on the recast.

Mike is an absolute pleasure to deal with, the customer care is the best I've come across. I would highly recommend these lines and I'm sure I will be back for further purchases.

Well done Mike, quality product.

Name: David Green
Country: UK
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Hi Mike

Thank you so much for the line. I have been using it for 6 months now so have got used to it. I am impressed, it does everything I ask of it, from short casts to distance work (and this line flies out past the backing knot), roll casts, Spey and the range of slack line and overpowered casts.

As an instructor I needed a line which would perform accurately and crisply, this does!

So much so that I now do all my instruction with it.

Thanks Mike, keep up the good work.

Regards Dave

Name: Bruce Barrie
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

My wife ordered the Barrio GT90 wf4 line for me on Friday afternoon, and I was delighted when it arrived on Saturday morning.

I used the line the next day and was very pleased with the quality of the line, it matches my 4 weight rod perfectly and performs short, long and roll casts with ease. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Name: Andrew Forrester
Country: United Kingdom
Subject: Barrio GT90 Fly Lines

The standard of service provided has been outstanding - placed order, next day shipped and delivered the following day. Very pleased.

This line was recommended to me, so I tried it out and was so pleased with its performance that I ordered one. If it performs over the long term as good as the service I will be very pleased.

Thank you very much. I will be using you again.

Customer Reviews GT90 (pre-2022)

Name: Craig Horsburgh
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Used this line for the first time today, it handled straight line nymphing, indicator fishing and dry fly with ease. Very little memory out of the box and even less after a few casts, floats high and casts very nicely.

All in all a top class fly line that does everything you ask of it.

Name: Paul Sweeney
Country: USA
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

I am very pleased with the GT90. It is comfortable to cast close and long , the rear taper allows for single handed spey and longer roll casts and mending, as well as a longer carry.

I was also surprised how fast Mike had this and the SLX at my door here in the USA!

Thanks again Mike!

Name: Alan Bithell
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Most of my fishing is done with a floating line. Needing a new one I did some research, ending in selecting a 6wt GT90. Before I used it I was impressed with the pea green colour, it just looked stealthy. On the water it is very visible. How can that be?

On Loch Lundaidh I cast it for the first time. It was just "right". I'm no casting expert, but sometimes I can get a fair line out. The GT90 flew. Loading the rod quickly and shooting nicely. I don't know how Mike has done it but I think the line hates the reel! Well it tries to get as far away from it as it can!

The casting performance wasn't the only thing that impressed me. From the beginning it lay straight on the water. The tip floated and it has continued to perform just like I want a floating line to perform.

Now I'm in the process of replacing all my lines with Barrio Lines. It fits my definition of what a floating line should be in every way. Brilliant.

Thanks Mike, you have added to my angling enjoyment.

Name: Dirk Niggemann
Country: Great Britain
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Just had my new GT90 5 weight out and gave it a swing on my 10ft Greys Steamflex. This without any doubt is the best line I have fished. My previous line was good at distance, but I could not get any good off the tip casts. The GT90 does this perfectly, which makes it a great roll caster as well. But even better it shoots really well and I get a fair bit more distance.

Pretty smooth and silent through the rod rings. It strikes well against the wind. It sits straight on the water, hardly any memory. The color is great, quite a natural green, but still very visible. I fished buzzers as well as dry flies. I felt presentation was really good....evidently I took a number of trout to the net.

A real pleasure to fish. Fantastic product. Highly recommended.

Name: James Bell
Country: New Zealand
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Being new to fly fishing, a friend suggested I try Barrio fly lines. Even as an amateur the difference in cast feel was amazing.

I will be ordering a 6 wt next, can't wait to try it.

Name: Allan Liddle
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Purchased a #5 GT90 early last season and it instantly became my go to line for light line wild trout fishing. Turn over is excellent, very easy to work with on the water and very forgiving. Supple and responsive, good long range, excellent mid to very short range, presentation on the water also top notch.

On lochs it also proved as responsive as i'd hoped, dries and short lining a delight.

The olive colour helps it blend in seamlessly with wild surroundings helping make the line amongst the best i've used, most certainly will ensure i've one on my reel for the 2013 season.

Name: Richard Duiker
Country: Netherlands
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Barrio fly lines are by far the best, I've been using lots of flylines, expensive and inexpensive ones, but these lines from Mike Barrio are the greatest I've ever used, I own the GT90s in a 3wt and 4wt and also the SLX in a 6wt and 8wt !!

So people, just give them a try, they really are worth it.

Keep up the good stuff, quality service, quality lines and quality price!


Name: Ken Trueman
Country: United Kingdom
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

I bought a GT90 from Barrio some weeks ago, spooled it up ready to go and waited for the snow to disappear. Managed to get out for a few hours Trouting last Saturday and to give the new line a go. After a few casts to rid the line of the small amount of memory it had in the cold conditions the GT90 performed admirably, easy to cast, good shooting capability and dead straight on the water.

What I really liked was, with the tapered running line, I could airealise more line if required, without the line "hinging", as is the case with so many WF lines. To sum up, I am so pleased with the line I just ordered two more, a GT90 aftm8 intermediate and a GT90 aftm6 floater.

Thoroughly recommended, this makes such a nice change from the usual premium lines, the GT90 is only half the price and, in my humble opinion, is a far better line.

Tight lines, Ken Trueman.

Name: Wes Ower
Country: Devon UK
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

I just purchased a GT90 WF5 and WF8, so impressed I have just taken my 3 wt line off and ordered the WF3.

Gorgeous lines in every way and the price is very reasonable for the quality of the line!

Thanks Mike.

Name: Jim Eddie
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

I use the GT90, GT125 and SLX lines. I am no casting expert, just an average fly fisherman.

I do however know what I like and can say I have always been impressed by the products and service that Mike provides.

These lines stand comparison with any other high quality fly lines currently on the market.

Name: Steve Bircumshaw
Country: UK
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

GT90 #7 - Just bought one of these via a friend who ordered it for me, after hearing about it via word of mouth.

Great service ... received the line the day after the order.

Fished it yesterday. It casts very nicely, lay very straight on the water even in the cold conditions and I managed 4 fish using small Diawl Bachs and Cormorants. A few inches of the tip started to sink after a while, but this is probably the effect of my braided connector and too much superglue.

Overall so far it seems a great line, which holds its own with lines costing twice as much.

Lets see how long it lasts, but up to now ... great product thanks!

Name: GéBé
Country: France
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

This is my first time at Barrio. Well, it's not the last. The GT90 is an amazing line, which I particularly appreciate. Beautiful sliding, pleasant to the touch, supple, and its color! Perfect!

I had the opportunity to test most brands of fly lines during my fisherman's career, and probably will not go elsewhere now. I have bought lines at 2 times this price and they did not cast so well.

Thank you Mike for the speed of the shipment and see you again soon!

Name: Peter C
Country: Australia
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

The line is really high quality, balances my 6'6" 4 weight cane rod perfectly, doesn't overload the rod even at up to 60', perfect for anything you'd expect a 4 weight to do and much cheaper than other lines of the same quality. Great service and great product!

Name: Barry Moore
Country: Great Britain
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Bought this line last year and after putting it through its paces in a variety of situations was extremely impressed..... I have just placed an order for a Mallard Sink Tip WF4ST, an SLX WF3F, a GT90 WF3F and a tub of Barrio Line Care.

As you can see I like to fish as light as possible and this will enable me to cover any situation with confidence. Well done to Mike on producing these products.

Tight lines to one and all.

Name: Andres Moreno
Country: España
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Hola Mike, a lo largo de mis años de pescador, he probado varios tipos de linea, pero como la tuya, la GT90 WF4F color oliva... ninguna. Es de lo más suave, no se aprecia memoria, y cae sobre el agua de los más suave.

Es una linea con un precio razonable frente a las lineas caras, que puede competir con cualquiera de ellas.

Saludos desde la Rioja (España)

Name: Josh W.
Country: USA
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Incredible line, loads extremely well in close and maintains stable loop control at distance too.

My favorite line I've tried on my 4wt Radian!!

Name: Sanders Nicolson
Country: UK
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

What can I say ... I'm simply staggered ... Simply the best line I have ever used and I've been at it for 50 years or so. Hardy, Airflo, Rio - you name it and all at twice the price of yours!

The GT90 works brilliantly for traditional boat fishing with a longer slower rod, fitting nicely between a double taper and weight forward ... but with a faster shorter rod (9' 6") it really flies and works for distance casting equally brilliantly - very slick and absolutely no memory.

Incredible, thank you and keep up the good work ... think I'll order an intermediate now!

Name: Gene Larson
Country: United States
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

I received this line a couple of days ago and I had a chance to test it out Saturday. I was amazed. I bought the line for a 9' 6 wt Scott GS rod. I have never used anything quite like it.

Off the tip, 10 foot casts landed softly. At 30 to 40 feet, the loop laid down the fly as if it were alive and just flew down to the surface. But, I kept stripping line off the reel and casting. I finally stopped when I had 70 feet of line outside the tip. Naturally, a lot of that line was shot after making the forward cast, but it was easy and with no greater effort (well, maybe just a little more) than a 30 foot cast. I will have several more before trout season opens again.

Name: Colin Haig
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

After a few disappointments from medium priced lines with poor performance, I decided to try one of these in a 5 weight. I was delighted with the behaviour and ease of movement of the GT90 line from the first outing. Line memory was excellent from the first cast, really straight and responsive for casting to where I wanted it to go with soft presentation and for correcting how I wanted it to move through the water.

The line Roll Casts well also. I have just bought a Smallstream #4 and will buy a GT90 #6 to replace the more expensive line that I bought at the beginning of this season. I will be Barrio all the way after that, I might even change the line before next season to make sure I'm starting off with the best I've found, top notch lines.

Name: Robert van Dijk
Country: Netherlands
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Bought this #5 line for my P&M 8.5 ft Splitcane rod. The line performed in conjunction with this rod in one word, terrific.

Roll and overhead casts can be executed with short and long belly lengths with ease. All casts where made in one single shot without any double haul to get the fly on the desired spot.

Turned over the fly with ease and very accurately as well. Managing the loops between the fingers is a joy on its own ( I am not a line dropper ).

Finally, a top class line for a very reasonable price!

Name: Andrei Zabet
Country: Romania
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

I received the GT90 WF5F in no time and the line is everything Mike said it would be and then some.

I tested it on a river last weekend and the GT90 does a lot of things in a great manner - from presentations in short to long casts. Even though I used a not so fancy rod with some shady hardware (actually a "no name", until I can get something decent) the line shined bright, despite its pale olive colour, which I find ideal for fishing.

As a result, I just ordered a second Barrio fly line, the SLX, in 5 wt. floating, but this time in bright orange - I want others to see those loops I'll be throwing shortly. Oh, and I forgot about line memory - wait, there's no memory at all coming from my relatively small reel (O.D. 85 mm), even though a large arbor, the inside diameter is smaller in this Loop Multi 3-6 Light.

Thank you for such well designed products! Tight lines and best regards from Bucuresti!

Name: Rev James Davidson
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Ordered Sunday Evening. Arrived Tuesday AM. Loaded on reel in afternoon and had a practice on the grass out the back door. Five minutes practice saw the tip landing 75’ away in a straight line.

I’m far from the worlds best caster, so I’m delighted with the performance of my Agility2 #8 and my new GT90 #8 combo!

Also thanks Mike for your super fast service. Now to get it on the water.

Name: András Márkus
Country: Hungary
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Very nice taper and subtle line in a good natural colour. Maybe a bit light, for faster rods use +1? But for my 7/8 glass rod (Vision Cult) it is perfect for lighter fishing in a #7.

Name: kevin Deegan
Country: UK
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Mike, just a quick note to say thank you. I've now fished my GT90 in all weather conditions from extremes of cold and hot. I've stood on it, caught it in brambles and abused it in all kinds of ways. I've used it most weeks, sometimes twice a week. It has been an absolute joy to cast and still looks great for the next season, very impressed.

Name: Mick Byrne
Country: Tasmania Australia
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

I have used Barrio lines now for quite some time and I find them to be just the best all round lines on the market. I have been using the GT90 in particular and as we can get dry, smutting, nymph style fishing all in a couple of hours, it just delivers those various presentations so well.

So impressed have now converted most of my mates and all are very impressed with its performance.

Name: Slim Jim
Country: England
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

This review is long-overdue I'm afraid, as I've been using Mike's lines for a number of years now. I have used lines from the Smallstream, GT90 and Mallard line-ups, and have never been let down by any of them. Of course matching the right line to the rod in hand is always crucial, but once you have that perfect match you will be delighted with your Barrio purchase.

What has finally prompted me to post this review, with particular reference to the GT90 lines, is that I recently needed to find a perfect match for a 'mid-life crisis purchase' of a pair of new Scott G Series rods in 8'8" 4wt, and 9' 5wt.

I'd tried a variety of my own and other people's lines on the new rods, but hadn't quite found the perfect match. After doing a bit of thinking, and after asking Mike for his opinion, I decided that the GT90's drawn out rear taper might be perfect for these medium action rods (which I use exclusively for dry fly fishing on rivers).

Well, I can honestly say that the GT90 elevated the G Series rods from being brilliant, to being absolutely magical - I honestly couldn't be happier. These rods and lines are a match made in heaven.

On arrival (which was as quick as usual), I noted that the latest version of the GT90 is slightly paler, and has a more 'slick' coating than my previous ones. They fly through the rod rings quietly, with no perceivable friction at all. They are clearly visible on the water, while still giving a sense of stealth due to the lovely colour. Whether or not the fish care about the colour could be debated for evermore, but I like the colour - and that's that!

I load my lines onto reels with a traditional narrow arbour (all be it with a decent bit of backing), and so line coiling/memory is always a consideration - these GT90 lines hold very little memory it would seem, and fall limp from the reel straight after the first cast of the day...really good performance.

As you can tell, I'm chuffed to bits with my latest purchase, and am in fact going to order a GT90 in a 3wt straight after I've finished typing this review.

I should also add, that for anybody looking for a quick loading and deadly-accurate short range line, the Smallstream is simply incredible. The Mallard is also great, and is a very predictable and controllable WF line - perfect for much of the fishing most folk do.

Thanks Mike for continuing to make and supply such well thought out products, and still at such a reasonable price.

Tight lines and happy times to you all.


PS: I don't usually leave online reviews for anything, but really felt I needed to share my thoughts and give credit to Mike for this excellent range of lines.

Name: Garfield Lindley
Country: England
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

This is the 2nd GT90 line I have bought from Mike, they are superb, so easy to cast and with ease everytime. Their balance in the air suits my casting style and there is never any coil memory. I have tried many lines in the past 2-3 years and nothing compares to this product. You would be an absolute fool not to try them out .. give them a go, I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised. All my lines will eventualy be replaced with Mike's full range .. forget the big boys, buy this man's lines and fill that net.

Tight lines.

Very happy customer.

Name: John Olds
Country: New Zealand
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Bought my second #6 GT90 (having thrashed the first one to death) and it arrived in 9 days (not bad given Covid).

Looking forward to casting this superb line again.

Name: Melville McDonald
Country: Scotland
Subject: GT90 Fly Lines

Mike recommended this line to meet my needs. I have now used my WF4F combined with my Orvis Access 10ft #4 for both river and Stillwater fishing. The line performed beautifully and I am delighted with it. Smooth and memory free in a stealthy colour.

Fantastic product and slick delivery with great communications. Delighted to recommend Barrio products.